Mirage Painting

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Mirage Painting

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Mirage Painting Company offers painting services for residential, commercial and custom homes for private owners and developers. Our main office is located in Turlock, California.                                                                         

Building strong relationships with our customers is our main priority, and we exist to provide top-class services to our customers. Mirage Painting intends to provide its clients with painting services at an unbeatable value built on quality, timeliness and integrity.


A major strength that Mirage Painting would bring is our experienced team who performed many painting services for many new homes such as Bright Homes, JKB Homes and Morison Homes. Expertise is playing an increasingly important role in our company. Knowing how to best approach each stage of painting will make the overall procedure smoother and faster. This also improves the quality of work and makes the final product more satisfactory to our clients.                   


Our team is expert in planning, managing and completing all of its projects on time. Our timely completion ensures our prospective clients a piece of mind. For this reason, we have been successful in retaining our previous clients, and we work hard to keep this our company’s strength.



We have successfully executed a variety of projects throughout the California such as JKB Homes and Morison Homes, gas stations and many others.We plan to maintain our reputation as a first class painting company in the region. Our mission is to help our clients save money while provide them with painting services at an unbeatable value built on quality, timeliness and integrity


Core Value

Respectful- Our team treats each client, person, or employee with the highest respect. Each person involved in business listens to and thoughtfully considers what others say.


Consistently Hard working- Our value of hard work is one that emphasizes the fact that we will never give up. “If there is a will then there is a way.” Our passion and pride for our work is what drives each individual to work hard. We always can guarantee our clients that we will work as hard as humanly possible to satisfy their needs.


Committed- We are client-driven, and committed to their best interest. Our team is committed to finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We provide each client with our commitment to excellence.


Quality- Mirage Painting Company has a high standard for quality in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing a good product that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectation.